Mclean EP

by John Morgan

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A few songs retrieved from a broken computer. couldn't find session files. as they are. Recorded in Mclean Hall 336


released February 4, 2017



all rights reserved


John Morgan San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Planets
My starry eyes, shot into the sky,
saw 1000 lights

They all seem lost, the planets in the sky,
It kinda sounds like us. We're just like the planets,
We've got everything figured out
Perfect harmony.

I always wanted, a planet for my own,
A planet to call home,
What else do you need

They all seem lost, the stars that fill the sky,
they kinda sound like us. We're just like those stars, we
twinkle endlessly into the night
In perfect harmony
Track Name: Outta Focus
We as we can be,
we never really se the side of life that we need,
and no side is wrong,
but i dont really like the side that i am still on,
you see on their face,
they dont have an idea of me and thats great
its great to be free, but even though we are bound by what we can see,
do you believe in everything thats around you

everybodys tryna be someone when they can't just be themselves

Personality, it is really hard to see,
you think you got it down, you think you really got it made now,
while everybody wants to know, where exactly we fit in

im not as afraid, ive never really been the type to trip out and hang
dont hang up the phone
your claustrophobic voice is leading me in the wrong zone,
i know how its been,
youve been asking all those questions again and again
you see what i mean?
even though were bound by what we can see,
do you believe in everything thats around you
Track Name: Think of me
think of me, sing for stars,
think of all the things you are
and turn them in to your own world,
and walk on it with your two feet,
to love all those who are not you,
and say goodbye to petty you
cuz nothings ever gonna be the same,
its never the same